Pradhan Mantri Karam Yogi Mandhan Yojana | PMKMYM Scheme Apply Online, Application Status

The Pradhanmantri Karam Yogi mandhan Yojana is a scheme launched by the government especially for old age people to protect them and provide them social security. The target audience and beneficiaries of the scheme include small-scale traders and retailers. 

Self-employed merchants who work as shop owners, retail traders, rice mill owners, oil mill owners, workshop owners, commission agents, brokers of real estate, or people with similar occupations whose annual income is less than rupees 1.5 crores are eligible to benefit from this scheme. The scheme was announced in the interim budget of 2019 and came into implementation on 15 February 2019 by the governmental body of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. 

Once again like all other agricultural schemes launched by the prime minister of India, the main objective of Pradhan Mantri Karam Yogi mandhan Yojana is to ensure social security amongst farmers and provide them a sense of security and support financially. 

Features and Benefits of Pradhanmantri Karam Yogi mandhan Yojana 

  1. General Benefits- All small and middle farmers below the age of 40 can avail of the benefits provided by this scheme. As stated previously, once the beneficiary attains 60 years of age, he or she gets paid monthly with a pension of 3000 rupees.
    Moreover, in case the beneficiary dies, the benefits can be availed by the family members of the farmer as well. Cases of disabilities are considered and do not become an obstacle in the way of availing benefits of this scheme.

    This is a voluntary scheme whose benefits can be availed by all beneficiaries including small and middle farmers and other small merchants as well. For this, you will have to contribute every month and then you will get your own pay and amount according to your age.

    From the scheme, around 3 crore retailers and shopkeepers benefited using the funds gathered by the prime minister and agricultural bodies. As stated previously it is a contributory pension scheme under which the subscriber would get a minimum of 3000 rupees per month after the age of 60 and if the person dies, their spouse would get 50% of what was deposited.

    The pension is only applicable to the spouse and not other members of the family.
  1. Disability benefits– In cases of permanent disability before he or she turns 60, their spouse can continue to contribute to the scheme and make regular contributions, in case the beneficiary is not able to work.

    They can also withdraw from the scheme by getting the share of contribution deposited by subscribers, along with the corresponding interest received by the pension fund or interest gathered in the savings bank depending upon what is higher.
  1. Death Benefits– In case the beneficiary dies during the duration of enrollment with the scheme his or her spouse is entitled to 50% of the pension received by the eligible applicant. However, such benefits and pensions would be applied only to the spouse of the person and not the other family members. 
  1. Benefits if the candidate leaves the scheme– If an eligible subscriber leaves this scheme within a span of less than 10 years from the date he enters the scheme, then the portion of his investment alone will be returned to him along with the interest rate charged on it by the savings bank.

    If an eligible subscriber exits after a period of ten years or more from the date on which he joins the Scheme but before his age of sixty years, then only his share of the contribution shall be returned to him, together with accumulated interest thereon, as actually earned by the Pension Fund or interest thereon at the interest rate of the savings bank, whichever is greater.

    Where an eligible subscriber has made regular contributions and died for whatever cause, his spouse shall consequently be entitled to proceed with the scheme by making regular contributions as appropriate or exiting the scheme by collecting the amount paid by that subscriber along with accrued interest, as currently received by the pension fund or at the interest rate of the savings bank.

Eligibility and Ineligibility

The objective of this scheme is to provide social security and financial assistance to farmers so that they become self-reliant and free. Moreover, this is a universal social security scheme that provides rupees 3000 per month to traders and shop owners as decided in the union budget of the year 2019. 

Eligibility Criteria
The most important factor for being eligible for the scheme is that the farmer does not possess a huge land and his yearly earnings should be below rupees 1 crore. Next, he must also possess an Aadhar card so that the verification process and authentication requiring his date of birth, spouse name, address and mobile number can be completed. He would also require a savings bank account number with an IFSC code so that the amount can be transferred to his account.

Ineligibility Criteria
Any farmer who has been covered under any national pension scheme contributed by the central government does not stand eligible to apply to this scheme. The farmer must not be an income taxpayer. Lastly, the farmer should not have enrolled under Pradhan Mantri shramyogi mandhan Yojana, or Pradhan Mantri Kisan mandhan Yojana administered by the Ministry of Labour and employment or Ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare.

Application Status

Once you fill-up the application you need to make sure that you keep a regular check on the status of your application. To ensure this, simply visit the official website of the scheme. There you get a direct link with an option of “Application Status”. You can click on it to check the status of your application.

Documents Required For Registration

The PMKMY is for old age Pension Yojana for Farmers. Small and Marginal Farmers are eligible for this Scheme. However, before applying for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Pension Yojana, the Following are documents needed for PM KMY 2022 Registration are

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  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Your address
  • Name of your spouse
  • Bank account number with IFSC code 
  • Savings account details.

How to Apply Online for Pradhan Mantri Karam Yogi Mandhan Yojna

How to Apply Online?

Applying to the scheme can be easy if one follows the steps mentioned below. 

  • Those interested to join must visit their nearest common service centres first.
  •  Next, they are required to submit their Aadhar card and savings bank account number along with the IFSC code as prerequisites for enrolling.
  • Then they are required to pay the initial contribution amount to the village entrepreneur in cash.
  • Now, the village entrepreneur adds in the Aadhaar number, subscriber’s name, date of birth, as mentioned in the Aadhaar card for the verification process.
  • After that details like a bank account, mobile number, email address, name of spouse, and nominee details are required to fulfil the further formalities.

Once this is done the online registration form is complete.

How to Apply Offline?

If you want to get yourself registered offline, 

  • Get all your documents ready and visit the local government body.
  • Fill the application.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Submit the form.
  • Keep checking the application status. 

The system automatically calculates the monthly contribution that is payable according to the age of the applicant. Next, the subscriber pays the first subscription amount in cash to the village level.

The system then generates a mandate that is required to be signed by the beneficiary, which is then scanned and uploaded into the system. Lastly, the subscriber is given a unique Kisan pension account number and Kisan card which has all the details printed on it.

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Pradhan Mantri Karam Yogi Mandhan Yojana Helpline

In case of any complaint, you can register your grievance and seek solutions to your problems by calling the PM Kisan help desk given below. The concerned authority will revert back to you as soon as possible. This feature is only available for farmers who want to seek solutions for their problems and need help for enrolling and registration purposes.

The PM Kisan help desk number is 18001801551. Another way to register your complaint is via email. In your email, you can ask your questions if the concerned authority will revert back to you as soon as possible. The email is

Final Word

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana aims at providing support to old-age farmers with some financial aid so that they can live life proudly. Small and Marginal farmers have been made aware of this scheme and have been encouraged to take advantage of this scheme.