Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana 2022: Apply Online

Agricultural producers in the state of Gujarat would benefit from the launch of a new daytime power distribution system, announced by the Gujarat state government. The need for power has been a long-standing demand among farmers in many states for quite some time now. Providing daytime energy to farmers in Gujarat for the purpose of irrigating their agricultural land is the major goal of this project, which began in 2009. It was previously known as Dinkar Yojana, which translates as “daytime electricity Yojana,” but the name has subsequently been changed to Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana, which means “Gujarat Agriculture and Rural Development Scheme.” Throughout this post, we’ll go through all of the major components of the plan, including the benefits, the purpose, the Application Form.

Know Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana in Detail

The Gujarat Kisan sarvoday Yojana is a government programme that provides assistance to farmers in the state of Gujarat, India. Our revered Prime Minister Narendra Modi will officially announce the first phase of the Sarvoday plan on October 24, 2020, during an official ceremony that will be conducted in New Delhi. The major purpose is to ensure that all of the state’s farmers have access to energy during the daytime hours of operation. In the first phase, the Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday project would offer daytime electricity to around 1055 villages, including Gir Somnath, Dahod, and Junagadh, among others. The first part of this scheme, which will be executed in phases two and three, will benefit a total of 17.25 lakh people. The second and third stages of the scheme will benefit a total of 17.25 lakh people. The Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana is particularly advantageous to farmers since, as a result of their farming practises, they are more likely to suffer from snakes and pests on their farms, making it extremely beneficial to them.

Key Highlights of Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana

Here are some key points you need to know before heading on to the next sections.

SchemeGujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana
Launched ByGovt of Gujarat
ObjectiveTo provide electricity during the day time
Benefits ReceiverFarmers of Gujarat
Budget3500/- Crores
Execution3 phases of 8 hours
Date of Inauguration24th October 2020

The Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Second Phase

Gujarat’s chief minister, Vijay Rupani, has formally begun the second phase of the Kisan Sarvoday Yojana, which means “farmer’s welfare programme.” During the initial phase of this campaign, a total of around 1 lakh farmers were contacted. Approximately 190000 farmers will benefit from the second phase of the Kisan Sarvoday Yojana, while 200,000 farmers will profit from the first phase. Energy connections for farmers in the state are expected to total approximately 3.80 lakh new connections, allowing them to better irrigate their land. Farmer’s electricity connections will cost Rs. 1.60 lakh, with a per-kilowatt-hour charge of Rs. 10 levied against each farmer for this service.

The Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana has been Updated

To reach its aim of doubling farmer income by 2022, the government has set a deadline of December 31, 2022, which it intends to meet. Keeping this in mind, the Kisan Sarvoday Yojana, which was implemented by the Gujarat government in response to the situation, was designed with this in mind. In order to ensure that farmers in the states do not have any difficulties while carrying out their agricultural activities, the project will provide them with energy.

  • The Kisan Sarvoday Yojana, which comes after the Jyoti gramme Yojana, is a large-scale and historically significant scheme. In accordance with the proposal, about 11.50 lakh energy connections will be provided to farmers throughout the state.
  • According to him, farmers from 600 villages in Gujarat would now be able to generate electricity throughout the day and that this will enable the state to fulfil its objective of tripling farmer income.
  • The Chief Minister then announced a number of additional programmes that will aid farmers in increasing their income by at least a factor of 2.
  • All of these activities will contribute to the increased prosperity of farmers and rural areas.

Main Objectives of Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana

Because our farmer used to receive electricity from the government at night, it was later transformed to daylight for a small number of farmers and nighttime for the remaining farmers on a rotational basis, as we are all familiar with. The Gujarat government will launch the Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana on October 24, 2020, in order to provide daytime electricity to farmers in the state, in order for them to overcome all of the problems that have been caused by their agricultural land. Farmers in the state have been demanding daytime electricity for their agricultural land in order to avoid the losses that have been caused by snakes, bugs, and other worms. Another major goal of this project is to provide electricity for all of the state’s farms, which is one of the project’s key aims.

Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Budget

According to the state government of Gujarat, the total amount of the budget for the Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana will be roughly 35000 crores in the coming fiscal year. According to the planned budget, the government aims to provide energy to all farmers in order to facilitate the functioning of their agricultural businesses.. By the year 2022, the state government intends to extend insurance coverage to a wide variety of farmers in the state. The plan’s ultimate goal is to meet the 17.25-million-dollar requirement of farmers in the state of Gujarat. This is the single most important measure performed by the Gujarat government in the direction of enhancing the agricultural land available to our agricultural producers..

Execution of Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana

For a total of 24 hours, the Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana will be divided into three stages, each of which will have an eight-hour power connection for the duration of the project. As a result, some will receive power for 8 hours during the day, some will receive power for 8 hours during the night, and the balance will receive power for a combination of a portion of the day and a portion of the night. This cycle will be repeated once a week for the next six weeks. As a result, power is made available to every group in the organisation, regardless of their position.

Reasons for not being able to obtain access to electricity

There are several factors contributing to the absence of electricity throughout the night, the most significant of which is a shortage of electricity during the daytime and a lack of infrastructure to distribute electricity. There will be a scarcity of electricity if electricity is distributed throughout the night, which will result in electricity being unavailable during the daytime. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy will be required in order for the electrical system to be refreshed.

The Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Numerous Advantages

Those who farm in the community benefit from this initiative, which provides them with electricity in two sessions of eight hours each.

  • Farmers will be able to safeguard their crops from harmful insects and wild animals as a result of this research.
  • Gujarat will get around 17.25 megawatts of electricity, which will be split among 153 groups throughout the state.
  • The infrastructure is being improved in order to provide electricity during the daytime hours of operation.
  • The government is working to increase the availability of electricity by utilising renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy to generate more electricity.
  • There will be a total of 1055 communities covered by a daytime power network, which will be implemented in phases over the next few years.

How to apply for the Gujarat Electricity Scheme

In his New Year’s Day message, our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Kisan Sarvoday Yojana would be launched on October 24, 2020, as part of his efforts to help farmers. Our attempts to collect information about the Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Scheme’s application procedure, however, were unsuccessful due to a lack of available data and resources. Whenever the Gujarat government releases the official website for the Gujarat Sarvoday Yojana, we will post any further information that may be of interest to you on this page as soon as it becomes available. You’ll have to hold off until the government reveals another key piece of information before you can move forward with your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some most important questions you should check to resolve your query faster.

In what ways does Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana benefit the most people?

Agricultural producers in the state of Gujarat are the primary beneficiaries of this programme.

What exactly is the value of the Kisan Sarvoday plan, exactly?

Farmers in Gujarat are provided with free power throughout the daytime for agricultural purposes by the government of the state.

What is the procedure for applying for this programme?

The government will launch an official website for this programme very soon, so you’ll have to hold off till the official announcement is made.

How many villages in Gujarat are being served by the first phase of this project, exactly?

The Gujarat government has reached around 1055 villages as part of the first phase of the Kisan Sarvoday Yojana 2021.

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